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Brite Nites

Brite Nites
197 Mountain Avenue


Wagner Farm Arboretum seeks to enrich, educate and inspire the community by increasing environmental awareness and recreational opportunities.


There are 92.6 acres remaining of the former Wagner Dairy Farm, located on Mountain Avenue, Warren that was owned and operated by the Wagner family   since 1917. When active, it was a complete operation. There was a herd of Holsteins that was nourished by feed raised on the farm, grazed on its pastures, and milked in the milking parlor. The milk was pasteurized and bottled in the creamery adjacent to the barn. Milk and milk products, including the best chocolate milk and eggnog available by some people’s standards, were delivered to local homes and later sold at the farm’s store. The farm operated in this manner until around 1987.

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