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Cave of Fear Haunted House

Cave of Fear Haunted House
119 East Main Street

Some History of this area includes the fact that many early settlers and native tribes buried their dead inside some of these caves showing respect for that which slept in the darkness.  During the Civil War, confederate soldiers used the caves as supply points and hideouts from union soldiers.  In the past fifty years, this cave has had to undergo some major clean-up due to some toxic spills being introduced. So with that said...

Something has been awakened by those who today like to explore these places of darkness.  Some places are better off left alone...The Demon who inhabits this underground labrynth goes by the name of "AlucarD".  It is he who has released his growing army of the undead, to wage  vengeance on those who would not hearken to his be careful when you enter, it may be the last of any light you see.

Come to the only haunt in Kentucky, where the scare is below the surface of your everyday life.  Do not worry if you do not make it out alive, you will already be 6 feet under, actually more than 150 feet. No one will hear you scream!!!

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